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At Ramco Steel, we breathe life into your designs through our cutting-edge light gauge steel framing and structural engineering solutions. With a steadfast dedication to customer service and a wealth of experience, we offer innovative solutions to your construction project.

We provide strong, durable, safe and cost-efficient solutions with short lead manufacturing times for residential, commercial, modular, industrial and tiny home builds. We stand by our company ethos to always design, build and innovate.

Ramco Steel specialises in the design, prefabrication, and delivery of light gauge steel frames such as wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists & panels. Light gauge steel allows us to push boundaries achieving innovative designs. We proudly utilize trusted steel such as Truecore and other reputable brands.

Our commercial customers appreciate our short lead times and the benefits from using light gauge steel, while our smaller owner builders benefit from our expertise in guiding them through the entire framing process.

We work closely with architects, engineers, detailers and builders to ensure all our projects are built to Australian Standards and to meet our clients’ needs whether this be multi-story construction or even tiny homes.

At Ramco Steel, we don’t just build structures; we bring visions to life. Contact us today to see how we can bring your vision into reality.


Trust, Progress, Redefined & Reliability

Through close collaboration with Architects, Engineers, Detailers, and Builders, we strive to achieve highly efficient and effective Light Gauge Steel Frames.

Light, Straight & Fast

Steel frames are a lighter and stronger solution over traditional timber. While also allowing the speed of construction to be significantly accelerated.

30 Years Structural Warranty

Our frames are accompanied by a 30-year structural warranty. We take immense pride in our brand’s authentic Australian manufacturing.

100% Termite Proof

Steel frames are completely resistant to termite attacks. Therefore, ensuring your structure lasts the test of time, in any conditions.

Fire Resistant

Due to its non-combustible nature, steel is highly resistant to catching fire. rendering it the perfect choice for bushfire prone areas.


No, Steel framing stands out as a cost-effective option, consistently outperforming other materials in terms of both price and quality. When it comes to value for money, a steel frame sets the benchmark as a premium-quality product. Its numerous advantages over timber, including the best quality timber, make it the top choice for discerning buyers. The durability of a Steel Frame Solutions frame is unparalleled, remaining straight and true even when exposed to the elements for an extended period. In the competitive construction market, steel framing emerges as a superior and preferred option, meeting the demands of savvy buyers who prioritize longevity and quality.

Yes, Steel framing has been a cornerstone of Australian housing since the early 1950s, showcasing the industry’s longstanding commitment to innovation. The Australian steel framing sector is renowned for its highly innovative approach, delivering products that have evolved through years of meticulous research, testing, and continuous improvement. The resulting framing is a thoroughly engineered product, reflecting a commitment to quality and durability. The steel framing industry in Australia stands out globally for its cutting-edge technology, driven by a dedication to meeting the specific needs of the Australian customer. It’s important to note the extensive use of steel frames in commercial buildings for many years, underscoring their superior attributes in construction projects.

Steel is naturally strong and sturdy. TRUECORE® Steel adheres to the standards outlined by Australian regulations. Contemporary systems commonly incorporate high-tensile steel elements and suitable jointing techniques, all meticulously engineered to satisfy the specific structural criteria stipulated in the National Construction Code.

Manufactured by BlueScope with precision and strict adherence to standards, TRUECORE® steel fully complies with Australian specifications. Light gauge steel framing, a product of meticulous engineering, is crafted to precise dimensions, ensuring the construction of straight and true walls. The inherent stability of steel frames eliminates concerns such as shrinking, twisting, or warping over time, offering potential benefits in reducing builder call-backs and ongoing maintenance issues.

Yes, it is. TRUECORE® steel, enriched with Activate® technology, embodies a rigorously tested protective alloy coating of aluminum, zinc, and magnesium. The patented Activate® coating technology serves as a pivotal aspect within BlueScope products, finding applications across diverse environments and building scenarios. Specifically, in areas where cut edges emerge from drilling or cutting procedures, the galvanic properties of the coating act as a safeguard, shielding the exposed steel edge from corrosion.

Steel framing has demonstrated its success in residential construction since the 1950s, and its popularity has notably increased in recent years. Esteemed and reputable builders in Australia acknowledge the advantages of utilizing TRUECORE® steel in the construction of steel-framed houses.

TRUECORE® steel is supported by a reliable 50-year warranty from BlueScope, ensuring confidence and peace of mind. This warranty is applicable to eligible residential applicants, subject to specified terms and conditions. For complete details and eligibility assessment, visit or contact BlueScope at 1800 800 789. It’s crucial to recognize that consumers retain rights under Australian Consumer Law that are irreplaceable, unaltered, or restricted. The warranties provided by BlueScope do not impinge upon these fundamental rights.

Yes, a wide range of easily available plasterboard anchors is usually sufficient for adequately supporting most pictures. For heavier items, direct drilling and screwing into the studs is recommended. Locating the studs is a straightforward process and can be accomplished using either a magnet or stud finders, which are easily obtainable from hardware stores.

A range of stud finders are easily accessible at hardware stores. The standard models can identify metal studs through plasterboard up to 19mm thick, providing a visual or audio alert when close to live 240V wiring.

As TRUECORE® steel is resistant to termites and borers, there is no requirement for insecticide treatment to deter these destructive pests from consuming your frame. If you reside in a termite-affected area and prioritize minimizing the use of insecticides around your home for the well-being of your family, constructing your home with TRUECORE® steel frames presents an excellent solution.

Steel frame manufacturers and fabricators can produce almost any one or two storey home design seen in Australia today and recently steel frames have been used in some three and four storey designs. Because house frames made from TRUECORE® steel have a high strength-to-weight ratio and stay straight and true, they’re an ideal choice for modern home design. Long spans, open plan living spaces, architectural rooflines; they’re all possible with the inner strength of TRUECORE® steel. And frames made from TRUECORE® steel are suitable for both flat and sloping blocks.

Certainly, a TRUECORE® steel frame offers the flexibility to be lined, insulated, and clad in various ways, allowing for the attainment of desired thermal and acoustic properties.

Indeed, opting for TRUECORE® steel frames combined with external cladding construction can yield additional floorspace compared to double-brick construction. In a typical home design with a slab area of 221m2, this could translate to an extra three square meters, providing potential for more living space or additional storage.

Yes, steel frames can support a variety of facades, such as brick, veneer, fibre cement, and timber. Cladding solutions can be directly attached to the steel framing.

BlueScope Steel produces TRUECORE® steel, ensuring adherence to all pertinent Australian Standards (AS1397:2011 and AS/NZS 1365:1996) concerning thickness, width, mechanical properties, and coating mass. TRUECORE® steel is easily recognizable through its product branding and the distinctive blue coating.

Yes, due to their pre-fabrication, frames crafted from TRUECORE® steel are prepared for immediate installation upon arrival at the site. Certain builders have indicated potential time savings in comparison to other building materials. For a more precise estimate of the build time for your particular project, we advise consulting with your builder.

Numerous systems are designed for installation by owner-builders, and certain fabricators offer frames in kit form, tailored for the do-it-yourself segment. The panels are conveniently manageable and come with clear labels for assembly, along with pre-punched holes for electrical and plumbing services. The National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) offers instructional literature and videos to support owner-builders or DIY installers in the process.


What people say

The folks at Ramco Steel Frame are incredibly professional. They’ve been a tremendous help to us over the past year, providing high-quality steel frames at an exceptionally fast pace.

Veneet Singh – Sunrise Builders

Veneet Singh – Sunrise Builders


The planning part, where they draw out everything, was excellent. The people doing the details asked all the right questions. This makes sure that when we get the frames and trusses on-site, they fit together perfectly and quickly, even around all the structural steel parts. It’s surprising how much regular steel can be cut down when using this lightweight steel from Ramco.

My teams installing the stuff also love this product. They’ve been finishing the installs faster than we expected, which saves us time & money.

Lucas Bawa – Sunrise Builders

Lucas Bawa – Sunrise Builders


The team at Ramco Steel Frame is fantastic to work with. They are both professional and innovative, offering lightweight steel engineered solutions that are suitable for almost any building application. The time and cost savings associated with their solutions make them a great choice. I’ve had multiple dealings with the team, and I plan to continue working with them in the future.

Larry Chen – Sunrise Builders

Larry Chen – Sunrise Builders


I’ve been working with Ramco on a few projects, and every time, they’ve been quick to respond and clear in their communication. They really get the technical side of our projects, even the complex stuff, and they always deliver on time.

Jason Nand – PTL Builders

Jason Nand – PTL Builders

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Design, Build and Innovate

Ramco Steel is a proudly Australian owned company that thrives on its commitment to excellence.


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